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Now you can pay with your personal data

A brand new 
way to pay.

Brands around the world increased availability to premium content for more people by paying for subscriptions and payments for the things you want. 

Now live in Indonesia, Thailand,
Malaysia & Philippines.

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Our Brands

Partners | Publishers | Advertisers

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BountyPay is a payment platform provided by Bounty Media Pte Ltd Singapore. A solution created for consumers to regain control of their personal data. A solution that empowers consumers to share in the value of the data they provide to advertiser brands globally. 

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The Bountypay Process

1. Log Into BountyPay

BountyPay is only available to consumers via our partner websites.  Agreeing to free offers automatically creates a free bountypay membership. You can log in anytime at to view, adjust or remove any data that is stored in your profile.  Also view new offers available to you.

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2. Browse Our Brand Offers

Once you have a BountyPay profile you can log in at any time and view new offers as they become available. You can also manage or delete any data that is stored about you.

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3. Explore BountyPay Extensions

BountyPay also provides you tools and dashboard to monitor not only data that you have provided to advertisers, but also the ability to manage and remove all data that is collected about you by any companies across the internet. 

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4. Get Control Of Your data

Your data is your data. It has value to companies and BountyPay is your ability to share in that value.

Your BountyPay login allows you to manage and remove any and all data that is collected and stored about you.

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Consent based user data.

BountyPay gives you full control of your personal data. You get to choose which brands you connect with and you choose what information you give them about yourself. 

In exchnage, and with your consent - they pay for the stuff you want.

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